16,71 €

PLA Filament HS code 3916.90.3000

24,27 €

Filaflex PLA filamant HS code 3916.90.3000

18,00 €

Wanhao UV Resin for DLP / SLA / LCD 3D-Printers

18,50 €

  HIPS can be used as basic material for printing or as a support for other types of filaments. Accuracy and lighter weight of printing enable to use it in modeling, creating miniatures and parts of...

30,50 €

Wood-like material which, thanks to less fragile enables better feeding of filament to the extruder. The resulting parts can be machined, painted, varnished and colored, giving you even more...

14,50 €

ABS is characterized by its hardness and high impact resistance. It is also resistant to high temperatures and abrasion. Prints made using this filament can be further processed mechanically and...

8,39 €

BQ PLA Filament 300g HS code 3916.90.3000

37,50 €

A thermoplastic elastomer with a hardness of 40D in Shore scale, which may be printed at the speeds up to 45 mm/s. 

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