Turning hobby into a job. Interview with 3D designer Maciej Filipiak. Part 1

3D printing can become a perfect addition to your business portfolio. Read the story of Maciej Filipiak, Polish entrepreneur whose passion for 3D printing became a profession.

3D Print Points: How did you get interested in 3D printing?

Maciej Filipiak: It started only in May 2017. I bought my first 3D printer then and initially treated printing entirely as a hobby. I made prints for myself and my friends, I did it basically just for fun. After some time one of my friends who worked at a company that produces candles and vigil lights for the European market contacted me with the company’s owner who wanted to see how I could make some promotional printed ornaments for the company’s customers. So we came up with the idea of hangable Christmas trees that could be delivered to clients comes Christmas. I prepared the project with Cura and decided to bring some unique features to it, so I added personalized company logos in form of little flames that replaced the baubles that are hung usually on the tree. I tested several different color schemes for the project and chose the option that worked best. My friend took the first print to the owner and the company liked it so much that eventually they decorated two Christmas trees outside their office with my personalized miniature 3D printed tree ornaments. It worked out really well, to be honest.  

3DPPs: That’s really great, and how did the cooperation went on?

MF: Well, this first success triggered what has now become a full-fledged business cooperation between us. Shortly after, the company decided to include the 3D-featured products in their offer and they made new orders. We are now working on specific prints that will run all year long. So, starting with what was supposed to be a single 500-piece order of Christmas tree prints, now I have a couple of thousand prints in queue for 5 different model series to be printed each month. You see, most companies that produce vigil lights use stickers to brand their products, and none of them use 3D printing to create stamps or sentences featured on their products. There is definitely a niche here, which we decided to fill. Other companies from other industries have reached out to me as well, but I virtually don’t have the time and resources right now to take new orders, not before I buy more printers.

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