Turning hobby into a job. Interview with 3D designer Maciej Filipiak. Part 2

3D printing can become a perfect addition to your business portfolio. Read the story of Maciej Filipiak, Polish entrepreneur whose passion for 3D printing became a profession.

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3DPPs: And you do it all by yourself?

MF: Yes. To be able to print on my own I had to learn how to use 3D modeling and slicing software, so there is definitely a do-it-yourself vibe in it, which brings me a lot of satisfaction. But it all came relatively easily to me. I have always had a passion for drawing and designing things, so 3D modeling came really naturally. I also tried scanning things with the use of a 3D scanner and making models on the basis of photographs to prepare specialproducts for the company, but it is modeling that I like the most. The internet gives you access to lots of ready-to-print models which you can tweak a bit to get the look that you desire. You don’t even need to start modeling from scratch. It all depends on how you approach it and what you need. I think you can achieve a lot by yourself with 3D printing. I used to have a full-time job, but a year ago I decided to start doing things on my own. Printing is a great addition to what I do and it does not demand that much attention after the printing process starts.

3DPPs: And what potential for future expansion of 3D printing can you see?

Well, with technology it is usually like this: what is initially obscure and seemingly unapproachable, with time gets more popular and eventually it becomes available to everybody. It was the case with VHS technology, and I think it is exactly the same case with 3D printing. Right now many people do not understand how 3D printing works and what you can achieve with it, but I am sure that we will see progress in this field and in a couple of years we will find 3D printers in every home. I have already used it to fix things in my apartment, so there is definitely a potential for everyday, non-commercial use here, too.