Interview: 3D printing and elementary education is a perfect match.

Ewa Wojciechowska wanted us to resolve some 3D printing issues (which we always gladly do) and decided to pay us a short visit. We used this opportunity to ask her about the ways 3D printing can be used as a didactic tool.

3D Print Points: You are a biology teacher, how did you get interested in 3D printing?

Ewa Wojciechowska: I’ve always been interested in technology and I’m always looking for new things that can benefit our education and enrich lessons at our school, something that will be attractive to students. Our headmaster asked me to lead a program that would involve 3D printing, so I currently work on it. When I approach new technologies, I try to think of ways we can use them creatively at school, be it computers, smartphones, overhead projectors, interactive whiteboards or 3D printing. I am sure our students will eagerly start using our 3D printer.

3D PP: How do you plan to use your 3D printer at school? Will it be specifically used for biology lessons?

EW: No, we plan to use it wherever we can, for example for specialized extracurricular classes. I am sure they will become very popular among the students. As far as biology lessons are concerned, we can use it as a didactic tool to print models of bugs, like bees, wasps or spiders, which could work just incredible. Recently we planned to print a solar system with it that would fit our needs, so there are definitely lots of ideas there for us to discover. Still, we want to activate students themselves and allow them to create their own things with it – architecture models, mechanisms that develop logical thinking, or personalized gifts for their families. The potential here is unlimited, really.