New printers in store!

Panospace One

The unique design of Panospace One and its plug-and-print operability makes this printer a perfect choice for home users – the printer will add a futuristic vibe to every home and office interior, too. Both fine print quality and speed make it an excellent choice for unexperienced creators who are looking for nice results. It is delivered fully assembled and comes with a pre-leveled printing bed and uses the common PLA plastic filament with 1.75 mm diameter to make your work as easy as possible. Shop 

Creality CR-10S

Feel the power of simplicity which allowed printing enthusiasts around the world to create impeccable prints easily. Acknowledged by hobby printers as one of the best entry to mid-level 3D printers available, Creality CR-10S is the answer if you are only starting your 3D printing journey but are looking for print quality that can be compared to advanced units. This instant classic printer can be assembled in only 2-3 hours and has a larger-than-usual printing area that will make room for all your 3D experiments! Shop

Da Vinci Color
The world’s first full color printer is here! It is like a traditional inkjet printer and a 3D printer combined – the melted color-absorbing filament coming from the nozzle is infused with droplets of ink in full CMYK palette allowing gradual colouring of the prints in real time. The resulting models are one step ahead of their competition and may appeal especially to artists and all kinds of 3D experimenters. Shop 

Wanhao i3 Plus MK II
The spirit of DIY is still present in 3D printing. Wanhao i3 Plus was developed as an extension of the cult Prusa printer and its open-source design allows hobbyists who have just begun printing to raise both as technologists and printers. You can build your own extensions to this simple yet reliable printer, test printing parameters and experiment on it the way you see fit. Learn additive manufacturing technology inside-out - the model comes with a heated bed to give you a faster start. Shop